Pinterest Fail


I am a big Pinterest person.

I know that’s not something people love admitting, but I don’t mind. The fact of the matter is, I consider myself to be pretty crafty and capable….but not super duper creative.
Every once in a while you come across an exciting Pinterest Post. One that you think, “Hell yeah, I CAN do that. I WILL do that!”
You pin it, you read about it, you buy the supplies for it, you make it and then sit back and observe it.
Sometimes you have a winner, sometimes you wonder what you did so terribly wrong.
Last year I decorated our front door like a monster. It was cute and fun. So this year when I came across the Mummy Door on Pinterest, I knew it was for me.


Doesn’t this look so cute? Easy Peasy, right?

But…how the heck?! This thing was a pain in the toosh from the beginning. First of all the big gigantic roll I bought of white streamer, will not fit through the gap of the door, no matter how hard you try. So you have to rip off chunks, which now has turned in to a huge taping nightmare.
Also streamers rip, easily. So now I’m taping streamer back together on top of taping pieces to the door.
My end result…..I don’t get it. I used the worlds biggest/Costco sized streamer, why doesn’t it look like it’s enough? Thank God for the premade eyeballs or this whole thing would be an even bigger flop.
Even though it keeps further tearing and catching on stuff, I’m leaving it up damn it.

Proof to all mommies out there…… that just because it’s on Pinterest, doesn’t mean you should do it.