Jolly Ranchers and other choking hazards….

I was 12 years old and sitting in the front seat of my moms car. We were sitting at a red light on the corner of Skyline Drive and Palm Ave, in Spring Valley. I was eating a Jolly Rancher. Not just any Jolly Rancher, mind you….but one of those large ones. You know the ones I’m talking about right? They were long and flat….seriously reminded me of a tongue. It was cherry flavored.

I accidentally swallowed it, the whole thing! I started choking. It wasn’t coming out!! My mom freaked. She threw the car in park, ran around to the passengers side and was trying to pull me out of the car. She forgot about my seat belt though. So I’m sitting there, choking…while being pulled on over and over again, but held back by my belt. She just kept doing this, like completely oblivious to the seat belt (my mom did some amazing mom stuff….grace under pressure was not one).

She finally gave up on getting me out of the car and instead started smacking the crap out of my back. This was doing the trick….plus maybe all of the accidental Heimlich moves from the belt. I was able to reach in and pull the candy out.

I remember my mom getting back in the car and though we had a green light, we just sat there….I’m sure all the drivers behind us had a big show, but understood. I remember at some point we laughed, but that was it….never really mentioned again. I think this incident set me up for parenthood.

I have a big fear of choking. Not me choking, but my kids! Just last year I finally stopped cutting my kids grapes in half. This was only done because my father berated me (as only a loving, but very sarcastic dad can do) on social media. So I stopped cutting the grapes…. I mean my kids were 10 and 6, I guess it was good timing. Or maybe I just stopped buying grapes to put in their lunches. Hmmmm.

A standing “rule” in my home is ….no choking allowed. This of course is usually said after someone nearly chokes or swallows wrong. I will look right at them and say, ” Uh Uh, no choking allowed!”

When I leave my oldest kiddo home alone, on super slim occasions…and only for brief moments, he knows he is not allowed to eat. That’s pretty much my only set rule. The other day I left him home, while I was taking my youngest to practice and my husband was still driving home from work. He had asked if he could please finish off the slice of pizza his brother had left sitting there, while we were gone. I was reluctant but knew he was starving (this was directly after school). I gave him advice on what to do…if he choked, he rolled his eyes, and I left.

I texted him 10 minutes later…..


Okay, Okay. I know.

I can own it.

I’m THAT crazy mom. But at least I can say it with a smile. 🙂

The double bag packer

Today is a big day in our home. Our 5th grader is officially going on his first ever field trip, without mommy or daddy as a Chaperone.

I have been blessed to be a work at home/stay at home mom, I know this. It has allowed me to participate in my kids lives and education more than most. It’s also a big reason why I do work from home. I needed to be there, like I have been.

As I packed his lunch in the required brown bag though….I became the mom that I had always silently cursed as a Chaperone. I am the mom who packed two bags. One for drinks and one for his lunch. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you are in charge of carrying a group of kids lunches and you have several kids bringing multiple bags, this gets heavy real quick.

But its going to be hot today….

also he gets dehydrated fast….

we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day,what’s 24 little ounces for the trip……

I’m a worrier and over-thinker <——————— ding ding ding ding!

I rationalize it as this. Because I have chaperoned at each of my kids every field trip (or the hubby has), I know MY packed water has become my child’s, repeatedly.

So it’s here, right here. I’m sorry other mommas and dads. I’m sorry for the years and years of hating you as my back ached! It took me awhile, but I NOW understand! Please accept my heartfelt apology!



Finger Trap Panic

If you are not a parent, you are probably missing out on one of the best things possible.

The relief of stress you feel from torturing teasing your children.

Recently my oldest kiddo got to pick a small prize at the store. I was able to convince him to get a finger trap. Because they are so cool!

Did you have a finger trap as a kid? I did. The thing I remember is the first time using it,  the panic I felt trying to get that sucker off. After that, it was a tool I had in my pocket for when unsuspecting victims came over to play. I had learned the trick and I couldn’t wait to mess with my friends.

Well, I guess that feeling didn’t go away.

I took great joy in the hysterical freak out my kid had, trying to get this thing off.

He put it on as we were driving home and just couldn’t figure it out. Of course the harder you pull the tighter it gets and he couldn’t understand that. Then we got to the house and he realized he couldn’t take his seatbelt off. He was “trapped in the car forever!”

I asked him what the solution is, when something is hard to deal with. He stopped for a second and said, I try and relax. Just like that, he chilled out slightly, pushed in and his fingers came out.

I never had realized finger traps could be such a great symbol, for how to deal with panic.



Walk Confidently

We all have those days. The days we feel like everyone is watching our every move. We feel like they are judging our outfit, hair, shoes….you name it.

But honestly I think what’s being “judged” is the way we are acting. When you feel like crap, don’t you think the world sees that something is off?

This morning as I was driving my oldest in to school, he turned to me and said he was nervous about going in. I of course asked why (fearing I wasn’t told about a test or something). But instead he told me that he was nervous his peers wouldn’t like his new haircut.

me: Do YOU like your new haircut?

him: Yes, I like it a lot.

me: Then why do you think others won’t?

him: I think because it is so different. It’s nothing like my old hair and I don’t want people to think I did something crazy.

me: Do YOU think you did something crazy?

him: No

me: Then what does it matter? You like it, you know I think you look awesome. Just own it bud. Walk confidently.

him: What?

me: Seriously. When you step out of this car, walk right over to your line and tell yourself “dang, I look good!” When you are confident it shows.

He steps out of the car, looks back. I told him…..”dang dude, you look good!” He smiled, pulled his shoulders back and walked right over to his line. He looked as confident as you can. I saw him smile as a couple people came up to him telling him they liked his hair.

This is a reminder. As much for me, than anyone else. Feel confident momma. You look dang good, you work hard and you need to be to be happy with you!

Welcome to my morning……

It’s 6am, you’re laying in bed after the alarm goes off. You are bound and determined to make this morning go right. You’re sick of the morning hustle, the quarrels, the rush. Let’s stay in bed for a bit and begin our new morning meditation work. Breath in for three seconds, hold it for three seconds, breath out for three seconds….clear your mind. Repeat several times.

Ok, feeling good. Let’s do this.

Morning routine underway. You are doused in Joy and Stress Away Oils (just to be safe), you have coffee brewing and lunches packed.

Time to wake the kids!

Kiddos are up and 20 minutes in everything is running smooth.

Then you hear it. The phrase that throws every moms perfect morning in to a freak out fit, ” Oh no, moooooooom, I forgot to do my assignment. It’s due today!”

Thanking God you got the kids up early, you tell that kid to get on it.

45 minutes later, he is STILL working on it!

You do what you can to prepare him, as he works. You put away his stuff, put on his socks, oils and tie his shoes. You spray and brush his hair (being careful not to get it on his paper), you give him his vitamins and put away his lunch and water bottle.

Line is drawn, you can’t brush his teeth. It’s now up to him.

Why? Why is my new calm morning plan already being tested?

Where is my freaking diffuser?! Get that sucker plugged in now!

Coffffeeeeeeeeeee! I need coffee!!

Out the door, only 10 minutes late. Though normally being late for anything throws you in to a tizzy, today you chalk it up as a win.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow it WILL be calm.

The Gift of Sight

Recently my oldest kiddo had to get his first pair of glasses.

This kid…. it didn’t phase him. In fact he was pretty excited about it.

Normally with big events like this you never know which way your child is going to go.

Will he freak out because he isn’t “normal” anymore?

**Seriously though, none of us are “normal”.**

Luckily, he’s an old soul, we know this. His favorite accessories are a newsboy cap and a wooden hook handled umbrella.  He took to them like a fish to water.

If you have ever had to get glasses, I’m pretty sure you remember that first time of real sight.

This was so much fun to watch. He put those glasses on and proceeded to run from room to room in the house. Then quickly went outside.

He was freaking out and couldn’t believe all the details he had been missing out on. The fact that most people can see leaves on a tree, when it’s still kind of far away. Or how curly our dogs hair really is. He even pointed out to me this tiny little white paint mark on our kitchen window, that he had never noticed before.

He can really really see now and is amazed by how detailed our world is.

Since he got his glasses he has thanked me at least a dozen times (which almost made me cry). He cannot wait to show the kids at school his new look!