Tuesday Tip

I read this book awhile ago for an upcoming Beauty School class I was helping run, “Feed Your Face” by Jessica Wu, M.D. It was an easy read, and I took away so much from it.

In a tiny little section of the book Dr. Wu discusses how to expand the shelf/refrigeration life of your berries.

Did you know that berries carry mold spores? That’s what causes them to go bad so fast!

But there is a trick to winning the battle! I have done this now for about a month, and our berries actually last until we finish eating them! My husband is so impressed by it, he was the one that encouraged me to share it.

Step one: First things first people….if you notice any of your berries already have mold , toss!

Step two: Take all those yummy berries and place them in a colander.

Step three: turn on your hot water and let it warm up. Once its at the hottest it will go ( we are looking for 125 degrees, which is the upper limit for most residential water heaters) start rinsing off your berries with the hot water.

Step four: do this for about 45 seconds

step five: turn off the water and put the berries on a towel  to lay out and dry.

step six: put in an airtight container and in your fridge.

This allows you to actually kill the mold spores! You are ALSO stimulating the formation of active antioxidants, so your body can absorb more nutrients!

Try it out and tell me how it works for you.

New Plan

I decided something this week, which basically will leave me hating life at times and sore . BUT, starting this past Monday my plan is for the next 8 weeks to get 6 days of workouts in a week and to eat clean. Two to three workouts will be at my gym, then the rest will be as I choose (hiking, walking, running, a workout video, etc).

My thought is that this might suck, but it’s time to kick this baby up a notch. What’s the harm in doing this? I can only gain something from it. I mean whoever thought to themselves at the end of the day, “Boo, I wish I didn’t workout today.”

I need help being accountable though. I’m pretty good at sticking to a goal, but something like this is so outside of my comfort zone, that I need an extra push. So I posted to my social media yesterday. I was reaching out to my friends and family asking them if anyone would like to do any of these workouts (outside of the gym) with me. I was super pleased with the responses I had. Friends from all different areas of my life, volunteering to help push me.

So now it’s up to me. I need to sit down schedule stuff out and plan ahead, because that’s how you make it work, right?

I already have the food part figured out. I have an amazing friend who has been helping me. She gives me my weekly food list, every Sunday. But as for the workouts….. the only thing I can think of, is just blocking off the time of day I am going to do that workout and if others had wanted to join me that day, fill them in too.

Anything I am missing? Pointers?

Look at this beautiful view. I’m not much of a runner, but it’s a lot easier to push yourself, when this is your view!

Be Epic

You all know that I am going through changes in my life. Trying to find me again. The me, outside of “mommy, wife, friend.”

One of the things I started taking on was my workouts.

I have always been athletic, but as I grow older and (ahem) rounder…getting out and doing things that once fascinated me, have proven to be more difficult.

But recently after joining my new gym, which has continued pushing me past what I thought my body could handle. I started signing up for some little 5ks and 10ks.

Then my friends started pushing me past that.

I signed up for the Spartan race months ago and due to pneumonia, was not able to do it. I was totally devastated.

Later I signed up for the Epic race, which is very similar to Spartan (in that it is an intense obstacle race…but more subdued).

Last week I ran it.

Seriously you guys. I had a blast!

It was hard as hell at points, but so much fun. I was doing things that you never get to do in everyday life….well all at once.

The race itself is less than 2 miles, but in that 2 miles there are more than 25 obstacles you have to overcome.

The race starts off with your group running around the entire track with flags attached to a huge pvc pipe (the bounce on that sucker was crazy). Then from there…well too many obstacles to list, so how about my favorites and my….not so favorites?


-The Walls. Ok, this was a love hate. It reminded me of my youth. Just running and jumping or climbing over a fence to go where you want to go. But holy cow. Sometimes getting this tush actually over that wall, was a bit harder than I remembered. I have bruises along my torso where I was throwing myself against the wall to get over.

– The Inflatable Battle Course. Um, yes please. It’s like all those fun inflatables our kids get to play on at birthday parties….on steroids. So much fun!!

-Lumberjack Challenge. I think this was a favorite just because it was in the beginning, when I had energy. But there was something satisfying about pushing this gigantic pole up and over and hearing it clang again and again. Even if you had to do it 15 times.

-Weighted Russian Twists. It was nice to sit for a moment. lol

NOT My Favorites

-Atlas Stone. 2nd obstacle of the course and ouch. Even the lightest stone was a beast. Hefting this sucker up and then over your shoulder 15 times tired out my muscles really well.

-Archery. This surprised me, since I normally like stuff, like this. But, by the time I got to it, my arms were like jello. I could barely pull that bow-string back!

-Rope Climb. Obviously this is an area I need to focus on this year. It was a catastrophe.

-Barrel Run. Last item on the race. Which I’m sure was part of the problem…I was spent. But the weighted barrel on your neck….it freaking hurt. It was so uncomfortable. I kept wanting to find a new place to put it…which wasn’t allowed.

All in all. I will definitely sign up again. After the race my friends called me to let me know that I was in 10th place for women in my age group….which was pretty cool. I wasn’t trying to go fast, I was just trying to complete it.


Changing, one 5k at a time…..


This might not look like much to you. But to me, this is a visual representation of the changes I have started making this year.

Changes of a new me, a better me, getting my butt out of my comfort zone and pushing myself further.

These three medals are the only medals I have ever earned in my adult life for running. I got them all, this year!

Now mind you, they have all been for 5k’s, nothing too great. BUT, my goal is to be able to keep moving and to keep pushing and to sign up for my first 10k by January.

Do I love running?

Six months ago the answer was “Oh hellllllll no.” Now my answer is, “Hmmmm, I can appreciate it.”

So that’s improvement, right?

In December I will be running my first real obstacle course race. I’m in training now for it. This sucker makes me nervous, but I’m also super excited about it!!

Wish me luck…or pray for me. I probably need both. 😉

It’s here!!

Ready or not! Elections time is here.

We know, we know, we know. None of us are excited about the Presidential race this year. But we still got to do it.

It’s our right, privilege and responsibility to vote. No matter how sucky our choices are.

Plus come on, there is so much more to vote and worry about as well. Have you checked up and studied the props in your area? Ours are a little insane this year. But I very much so have a thought or an opinion on every single one.

This morning as I was driving my kids to school, I saw 5 different people, in completely different parts of town, holding up signs of support for their candidate of choice, or prop.

Even though some of those opinions were different than mine, all I could think was, “how freaking cool is that?”

These people are so into the process. So passionate about that person/ proposition, that they are willing to stand outside in the cold (hey it was 55 degrees at drop off this morning) smiling and waving to passerby’s….. in hopes you will vote for what they believe in.

I’m sorry, but that is so radl! It’s neat to think of people so in to it. It’s amazing to know that person will make sure….come hell or high water…. to exercise their right to vote!

My husband and I sat down for a little over an hour yesterday and pushed through all of the candidates for various positions and the different propositions and studied, and studied, and studied…….then picked.

Thank God for this day and age when finding all the info you need is easy and ready. We used our Official Voter Information Guide, the internet and we browsed though the sample ballot info.

Look at this in a different way. We GET to have a voice! We GET to vote! So do it!! There is really no reason not to.