Elf on the Shelf (the lazy mom/dads guide)

Look, I actually love Elf on the Shelf. It keeps the magic alive (my 10 year old bolts out of bed every morning looking for where he has landed). My kids talk to the Elf (and Christmas Bear….we have two magical guys floating around our home) about problems at school, Christmas gift wishes and just to say hi.

It’s also amaziiiiiiing in the fact that its an extra set of “eyes” in my home. This morning I walked in to the kitchen hearing my oldest tell his little brother, ” We need to stop fighting. Elf is sitting right there, watching us.” Yes!!!!

But, truth be told….it’s a job to remember to move the elf every night (set a timer on your calendar, like I do), or to have any energy whats-so-ever to think of a creative place to put him. So don’t. Let me be your guide. Warning, I think creativity in this area is awesome….I am just not one of those people.

The everyday…I’m tired Elf ideas:


-Put Elf on a shelf

-Put Elf in the tree


-Put Elf on a different shelf, maybe high fiving a nearby stuffed animal or Christmas decoration.


-Put Elf in the stocking, head just barely peeking out

-Put Elf on another shelf, with a lollipop in his hand


-Dangle Elf from chandelier

-Put Elf inside the cookie jar


-Put Elf on a boat

For those days you had an extra coffee in the afternoon and feel a bit creative:


-Elf standing in a corner with his hands up. Nutcracker army surrounding him.

-Elf sitting in refrigerator with washcloth wrapped around him like a blanket


-Elf climbing in to a box of cereal, bits of cereal on counter

-Place a straw in the maple syrup and situate the Elf to look like he is drinking from it.


-Elf on the Christmas Tree, with arms wrapped around your tree topper angelĀ (piggy back ride)

+check it out, I just gave you 12 ideas! Now just keep rotating through the “Im tired” ideas a couple times and you made it! Mission complete!