The Clogged Toilet Philosophy

The other night our toilet kept backing up. It wasn’t overflowing, but it definitely wasn’t clearing. Upon hearing this, my husband went in to the bathroom and got to work on it.

My youngest was completely curious on what a clogged toilet looked like and how to fix it, so he followed my husband in to the bathroom. He watched as his dad plunged away, with no luck. My littlest then announced, ” Uh oh, that’s it. We need to call a plumber.”

My husband grumbled something as he walked out of the house and to the store. I guess our plunger wasn’t doing its job anymore and it was time to get a new one.

Hubby returns homes and gets back to work on the toilet with the new plunger. My youngest again follows my husband in to the bathroom and after about 30 seconds of watching his daddy work away…..and it was still clogged, he shouts louder, “Uh oh, still not fixed. We definitely need a plumber!” My husband snapped back a bit and said, “No I will fix it.” Then shooed him out of the room.

After about 10 minutes of fussing, I hear a successful flush. The first thing my husband does is call my littlest back in to the bathroom. He then says this, ” When you have a problem of any sort in life, the first thing you need to do is try and fix it. You can’t just run out looking for someone to fix it for you. You need to really try on your own, before seeking out help.”

My littlest kiddo was super impressed that daddy fixed the toilet, but more so I think he may have learned a valuable lesson. “Sometimes you have to deal with the “poop” right in front of you and not rely on someone else to clean up the mess.”


Good not Evil

My youngest kiddo is a handful. He always has been.

He is quick to emotion, whether that is good or bad.

He could never be persuaded away from something he wanted, even as a baby. I call that, “lack of shiny object syndrome.”

My youngest boy is Strong Willed. It’s just him.

The kid has a ton of personality. He is really smart (school smarts and street). Also he can read people, like they are books. Not just regular books either, but HUGE letters (so that Grandma can read it, books). Like, clear words across their foreheads.

But the problem we are facing.  How to get him to use these amazing skills for good, not evil?

In moments of struggle I like to think of the adult greatness that will come from this strong personality. The awesomeness that we will help mold him in to.
You know, once we get over this hump of surliness and stubbornness.

So, my question is this…. how do we help encourage this little man to remain himself, but at the same time stay in control of his emotions? How far do you push this?

I struggle. He is young, he is amazing, he is focused, can be extremely loving and strong….but he is a massive stubborn turkey, sometimes with the mind of a wizard.