My Battlefield



As I sit her drinking my coffee and working. Something hits me. I’m a mom of two crazy, smart, rambunctious little men.

My house is pretty much never quiet and in the last year especially, I feel like I can never ever ever keep up with their energy level and the cleanliness of my house.

War games surround me on a daily basis.

Barricades literally being built around me.

Gun shots heard almost as soon as I wake up.

Once sweet and loving stuffed animals, have become captured enemies.

Raising boys is like living in a battlefield.

I do love seeing their imaginations grow. I get a kick out of how serious they instruct their soldiers (who typically are just hats set up on a couch). Or how when the youngest has to go to the bathroom, the oldest “covers him”. Spraying fictional bullets down the hall as the youngest runs, dives and then ducks into the bathroom.

I love these little dudes, more than I ever thought possible.

I’m sure being the mom of girls rocks….but since all I have are my little guys. I can only say, being a momma of boys is pretty cool. And completely entertaining.




I am not a big shopper. I really have never been. It’s not exciting to me. Honestly I find it kind of boring. Other times it is just frustrating.

This weekend I shopped more than I think I ever have.

One of my friends invited me out to a Black Friday experience. I was expecting craziness, but besides the lines being way longer than normal…everyone was very polite. Of course, I am learning that going shopping at 8am on Friday doesn’t count as “Black Friday shopping.” That stuff is really Thursday night…directly after your turkey.

Either way I got a ton of stuff. Clothes mainly, for my family….also a meat grinder for our KitchenAid.

Saturday my husband talked me in to going to Nordstrom Rack, to buy a new pair of jeans. I recently went down a size and needed a new pair. Apparently Nordstrom Rack has a ton of really nice jeans for much less than you would normally pay.

This place was straight out of my nightmares. It was too freaking busy, the dressing rooms were nuts, I sat in a changing room for 15 min waiting for the seamstress to come and prepare my new jeans for hemming, and the line……the line!!!!!!

Today is Cyber Monday. This is the type of shopping I enjoy. Sit back, with coffee in hand and try to get a great deal on one of the presents, I already need to buy. Sure the websites are crashing all around me….but I’m in my jammies, fire going in the fireplace, kids at school. Ahhhhhhh

In light of my personal favorite shopping day…here is a list of Cyber Monday deals (with promo codes if needed). May your computer battery be fully charged and the site stay up! Good Luck!

Kohls: 20% off (CYBER20KC) and free shipping on orders over $25

Target: 15% off, also additional $10 off if you spend $50 in the Christmas decor dept (WONDER)

Old Navy: 50% off

7 in 1 Instant Pot on Amazon: 45% off

Young Living Essential Oils: Free shipping on the top 100 oils

Express: 50% off

Macy’s: Free shipping on orders over $25 and 20% off (CYBER)

World Market: Free shipping on orders over $50 and 15% off of orders over $50

Any of your favorites I missed?


Results are in


I began my gyms (NXPT) fitness challenge 6 weeks ago.

Quick overview: teams of three, diet change, workout in the gym as much as possible, get some type of exercise in at least 5 days a week, do as many of the extra challenges as you can (bingo card) and help your team out. Encourage.

My team and I had some difficulties when it came to the challenges, especially where all three of us had to do items together. We are three ladies all in different times in our lives. Having the same availability proved very very hard. I am a work at home mom, during the middle of the day (noonish) is generally when I can do stuff. My teammates both work full time…they usually had to do night. Being a momma of two active boys makes week day nights pretty much impossible and games every weekend tends to squash that idea, as well. But I’m very proud of how much we got done!

Morning of the weigh in….I wasn’t thrilled. TOO MUCH INFO TO FOLLOW, but the night before, Auntie Flo came for a visit. The last thing I wanted to do was get in a bathing suit and stand in front of someone who is weighing me and then measuring me. BLAH.

BUT my results came back great! I’m super excited to report I lost 5 pounds. I know, this doesn’t sound like much, but I have been struggling with 10 pounds for a year and half. I would maybe lose a pound here or there, but pretty much every time I weighed myself (drs appointments) I was right back to that original weight.

Even better, I dropped almost 15 inches from my body, I lost 7.5 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of lean muscle.

I still have a ways to go. I’m pretty proud of myself though. I also plan on continuing this “diet” (truly though it’s not a real diet, I’m actually eating way more than before, including more calories), but will now allow myself one cheat day a week ……Thanksgiving here I come. 🙂

Directly after getting dunked in the tank (which measures fat and muscle) and after my measurements were taken. I think I was still in shock.

Directly after getting dunked in the tank (which measures fat and muscle) and after my measurements were taken. I think I was still in shock.

Picture Perfect

Yesterday I was a bundle of nerves.

I have been in need of some headshots, for awhile now. Like probably about 3 months. I asked a friend when she was back in town, if she would take some pictures of me and she said yes. Well it’s Thanksgiving week, she is back in town and she agreed to take those pictures yesterday.

THIS is why I was so nervous. Isn’t that ridiculous? Honestly though, after I applied some oil to my wrists to tried and calm my tush down, I sat back for a second to think why.

The only time I have ever had pictures done of just myself, was my senior portraits. That’s it! I didn’t even have pictures just taken of me, on my wedding day. Well, maybe I did, I don’t remember….but there are none in my wedding album, so I am thinking I didn’t.

I’m not scared of pictures. I like my smile. I am even starting to appreciate the lines that are appearing everywhere when I do it. But, when I’m having pictures done, it’s with my family. Generally the children are front and center.

This is an issue! Why do this? Why not have fun and feel pretty? Appreciate who you are. Treat yourself!

But instead I kept feeling vain. Then I would feel silly for feeling vain.

My friend was amazing of course. She pushed me and guided me and from what she showed me, those pictures are going to be great! As of today, I am actually excited to see them.

Am I alone in this? Is this common? I mean, I really kind of hope not. I truly do. I pray that everyone (men, women, etc) feel comfortable enough with themselves that a solo picture with a professional, would be no big deal. I hope this is just another area of ME that I need to work on. Now I need to figure out how to fix this.

This is me after the pictures, with my amazing and talented friend Melissa Koehler. Thanks for helping me through it!

This is me after the pictures, with my amazing and talented friend Melissa Koehler. Thanks for helping me through it girl!


How old am I?


I truly believe all of us adults at some point, stop aging.

Oh, we still notice those new fine lines appearing, or the fact that we can’t just get up and run (without stretching thoroughly), and all the new gray hair. But mentally, we stop at some point.

This becomes more noticeable when a birthday comes around. Or if you have to fill out a form and put down your age.

How old am I? How old AM I???

I personally stopped aging at 32. That’s the number always in my head. It was a transitional year for me I remember, a lot of growing up happened then.

I wonder if that’s why I think I stopped there? I grew up enough….all done. 🙂

I love bringing this topic up to people, especially at parties (if drinking is involved…even better). I love hearing my dad tell me he stopped aging at 50, or my sister at 25. It’s so cool to hear why, as well! Let the story telling begin!

Because it fascinates me so much, tell me your age. Well your mental age! Tell me if you think you know why!!

I’m curious on how many others realize they stopped growing up.

Changing, one 5k at a time…..


This might not look like much to you. But to me, this is a visual representation of the changes I have started making this year.

Changes of a new me, a better me, getting my butt out of my comfort zone and pushing myself further.

These three medals are the only medals I have ever earned in my adult life for running. I got them all, this year!

Now mind you, they have all been for 5k’s, nothing too great. BUT, my goal is to be able to keep moving and to keep pushing and to sign up for my first 10k by January.

Do I love running?

Six months ago the answer was “Oh hellllllll no.” Now my answer is, “Hmmmm, I can appreciate it.”

So that’s improvement, right?

In December I will be running my first real obstacle course race. I’m in training now for it. This sucker makes me nervous, but I’m also super excited about it!!

Wish me luck…or pray for me. I probably need both. 😉

Eggs and Bakey


Our life has been pretty peachy. Busy, chaotic, but peachy. The boys are doing well at school, sports, friends…BUT….our morning routine.

Ok, let me tell you. My sister and I growing up (well and still now) love our sleep. But mornings weren’t really an issue. Getting ready for school was just what you had to do. I remember some mornings I would wake up extra early, put on my school clothes, brush my teeth and then jump back in to bed, to give myself “extra” sleeping time.

Sure, sure, we would have the occasional issue with our mom and our hairstyle, or something. But for the most part it was hurry up and get ready, so you can enjoy a bowl of cereal in front of the morning cartoons.

Welp, present day.

A tad bit of a nightmare.

We have a morning checklist that never changes, that the kids go through. They know they can’t eat breakfast until the list is done (this use to be the other way around, but proved to be even worse). Once it’s complete they can enjoy those remaining moments however they want. Reading, some electronics, tv, eating more, etc.

My oldest finally got it. He is in it to win it. His goal is to get it all done fast so he can eat the worlds biggest bowl of cereal, while listening to music and reading comic books.

My youngest…… well lets just say, there are always tears and they are not always coming from him.

This kid and his stubbornness.

The boys woke up at 5:30am today. This is an hour earlier than normal. They were excited to find out what happened with last nights elections (oh don’t you worry, I’m not going in to this). Then they just started working on the list. Youngest much slower than the oldest. But because he got up so early he still was done with everything way sooner than normal. He was able to go on electronics for 15 min and watch a show with his daddy, before heading out the door for school.

Was this the trick the whole freaking time? Get up earlier? There was no pissyness, no anger, no tears. Just the facts. Get it done.

I will gladly get up an hour earlier if that means we are all in better moods!

What’s your kids morning routines? Do you have to mix things up?

It’s here!!

Ready or not! Elections time is here.

We know, we know, we know. None of us are excited about the Presidential race this year. But we still got to do it.

It’s our right, privilege and responsibility to vote. No matter how sucky our choices are.

Plus come on, there is so much more to vote and worry about as well. Have you checked up and studied the props in your area? Ours are a little insane this year. But I very much so have a thought or an opinion on every single one.

This morning as I was driving my kids to school, I saw 5 different people, in completely different parts of town, holding up signs of support for their candidate of choice, or prop.

Even though some of those opinions were different than mine, all I could think was, “how freaking cool is that?”

These people are so into the process. So passionate about that person/ proposition, that they are willing to stand outside in the cold (hey it was 55 degrees at drop off this morning) smiling and waving to passerby’s….. in hopes you will vote for what they believe in.

I’m sorry, but that is so radl! It’s neat to think of people so in to it. It’s amazing to know that person will make sure….come hell or high water…. to exercise their right to vote!

My husband and I sat down for a little over an hour yesterday and pushed through all of the candidates for various positions and the different propositions and studied, and studied, and studied…….then picked.

Thank God for this day and age when finding all the info you need is easy and ready. We used our Official Voter Information Guide, the internet and we browsed though the sample ballot info.

Look at this in a different way. We GET to have a voice! We GET to vote! So do it!! There is really no reason not to.


Friday Favorite

Starry Lane Bakery

One of my boys has a pretty weird food allergy.

He is allergic to High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

Look, HFCS is crap. It really is. None of us should be eating it. But, it is in a ton of stuff! The most common are sodas, pre-made baked goods and crappy commercial pizza places.

Do you know how difficult this can get, when my kid is invited to a birthday party?

I have to worry about the pizza and the dessert.

If I didn’t plan ahead in time to make something myself for him to eat for dessert, we use to panic. Then entered Starry Lane Bakery. 

This awesome bakery is in San Diego, near our home and it is where it’s at! In fact I heard about it from other friends, whose kids had completely other allergies.

Starry Lane prides themselves in being an allergy free bakery. They don’t use HFCS, as well as not using gluten, soy, dairy, egg, tree nuts or peanuts.

The best part about it? Its freaking delicious.

All of it!! I’m picky, so believe me on this! Try it!!



The Gift of Sight

Recently my oldest kiddo had to get his first pair of glasses.

This kid…. it didn’t phase him. In fact he was pretty excited about it.

Normally with big events like this you never know which way your child is going to go.

Will he freak out because he isn’t “normal” anymore?

**Seriously though, none of us are “normal”.**

Luckily, he’s an old soul, we know this. His favorite accessories are a newsboy cap and a wooden hook handled umbrella.  He took to them like a fish to water.

If you have ever had to get glasses, I’m pretty sure you remember that first time of real sight.

This was so much fun to watch. He put those glasses on and proceeded to run from room to room in the house. Then quickly went outside.

He was freaking out and couldn’t believe all the details he had been missing out on. The fact that most people can see leaves on a tree, when it’s still kind of far away. Or how curly our dogs hair really is. He even pointed out to me this tiny little white paint mark on our kitchen window, that he had never noticed before.

He can really really see now and is amazed by how detailed our world is.

Since he got his glasses he has thanked me at least a dozen times (which almost made me cry). He cannot wait to show the kids at school his new look!