Ditch Day

With summer right around the corner, it reminds me of all I get to look forward to as a work from home mom.

Yes, yes….there are the negatives like fighting, the “I’m bored” and electronics usage.

But the positives are way sweeter.

We GET to be together, we GET to go on adventures and I DON’T have to ask for time off to do it.

So here I am, busting out as much work as I can, before the kids are out for the summer…yet all I’m thinking of is fun adventures ahead and fun adventures we have had this year.

Reminds me of a ditch day we took this year. Are you a ditch day parent? Ever just pull your kid out, for a surprise fun day?

Growing up my dad would occasionally do that. I remember it would be once every couple months. It was always a Wednesday (his day off) and we would often go to the San Diego Zoo. He would pack us lunches and we would eat in one of the aviaries after exploring most of the Zoo. Those were some of my favorite childhood memories, so you better believe I do that for my kids too.

Seriously, it’s only maybe three times in a whole year…but it’s fun nonetheless!

The last ditch day we had, was sometime in the Spring. I took the boys to the desert to see the Desert Blooms. It was about a 2 hour drive. We listened to a podcast on the mini roadtrip, enjoyed a nice lunch together and took lots and lots of pictures of the beauty around us.

Here are some of the favorites from that day!


The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was pretty little yellow flowers, as far as the eyes could see!

There were a ton of Ocotillos on our drive out!

Enjoying the garden in Borrego Springs.

So, if you are a ditch day parent too….. what kind of fun adventures did you do this year?