Tuesday Tip

I read this book awhile ago for an upcoming Beauty School class I was helping run, “Feed Your Face” by Jessica Wu, M.D. It was an easy read, and I took away so much from it.

In a tiny little section of the book Dr. Wu discusses how to expand the shelf/refrigeration life of your berries.

Did you know that berries carry mold spores? That’s what causes them to go bad so fast!

But there is a trick to winning the battle! I have done this now for about a month, and our berries actually last until we finish eating them! My husband is so impressed by it, he was the one that encouraged me to share it.

Step one: First things first people….if you notice any of your berries already have mold , toss!

Step two: Take all those yummy berries and place them in a colander.

Step three: turn on your hot water and let it warm up. Once its at the hottest it will go ( we are looking for 125 degrees, which is the upper limit for most residential water heaters) start rinsing off your berries with the hot water.

Step four: do this for about 45 seconds

step five: turn off the water and put the berries on a towel Β to lay out and dry.

step six: put in an airtight container and in your fridge.

This allows you to actually kill the mold spores! You are ALSO stimulating the formation of active antioxidants, so your body can absorb more nutrients!

Try it out and tell me how it works for you.

Emotional Roller Coaster

This past week has been rough.

To be frank, I have been mean.

My emotions have been out of control.

I’ll snap at my kids or my husband. Then feel better….and often justified. Then a bit later I feel like crap all over again.

One moment I want to cry, another moment I want to yell. But I handle it the way I handle so many emotional things….I keep stuffing it down and finding all my happy oils to “fix me” and keep going, keep going, keep going.

Then it hits me (well honestly my sister reminded me). I’m coming up to the anniversary of my Mom’s death.

I cannot believe I forgot it. In fact, just writing this, makes me sick.

How could I have forgotten such a huge event in my life? How can I sit here and even type it, and hit submit, to then admit it to the world? As if she could be just erased like that…from my mind.

The thing is though, I really hadn’t forgotten. My body knew. It was fighting me all week to remember. If I had just allowed myself to slow down and to just be with my feelings….I would have known why. But instead I fight it. Just like I’m fighting the tears right now as I write. Why do that? It needs to come out! Let it go, stop suffering.

I miss her, I do. It’s been 8 years and in this moment, it feels like it just happened. I can’t believe she has missed so much. How is that even possible? How could seriously 8 years have just gone by?

This right here though, this is cathartic. I needed to own these thoughts. I needed to allow my body to just release. To surrender to my feelings.

The important thing I want you to take away from this is, events from our past continue to impact our lives, even if we don’t “remember” them.

When a big old emotional roller coaster starts coming at you, don’t fight it. Allow it to drive on by….run over you if it needs to. Just sit with it and let is happen. Pushing it away will do you no good. It’s a freaking roller coaster for cruds sake. You can’t stop that! Not on your own anyways. Let it move through you.

Bow Tie Lessons

Have you ever learned how to tie a bow tie? Have you ever cared? πŸ™‚

I am helping assist a gigantic wedding this coming weekend and its going to be very lavish. I have worked many of a fancy wedding, but this one is going to top all from before.

Part of the deal the coordinator made from booking this wedding, is that a team of people need to know how to tie a bow tie. I have put this baby off, thinking it can’t be too complicated. But after watching several YouTube videos and practicing on myself, my husband and anything else I can find lying around….I can tell you I need way more practice and it’s harder than it looks.

Hey now…..


If you know me, than this isn’t an excuse…it just means I will be living, breathing and dreaming of bow ties for the next three days.

That’s cool. I don’t have anything else to obsess about at the moment.

Wish me luck as I prepare to decorate our home in bow ties and my poor children the second they walk through the door, from school. πŸ˜‰

This might work as a new funky decoration!!

If you have tips for me, send them along!

This was the hardest one yet. My bow tie is too big for midget.