The Mixed Emotions of Mothers Day

Mothers Day is almost here.

This day always brings out different emotions for me. It’s a love/hate.

I love it because my family is good about spoiling me and jumping on my requests. The list is always the same:

  1. Allow mommy to sleep in
  2. Simple homemade breakfast from my family
  3. My husband and children clean the house up
  4. One fun family activity out
  5. Back home for more relaxing

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? I pretty much always get this on Mothers Day and my birthday, but some years (ahem this year) morning sports has jammed me up. No sleeping in for this momma…..boooooo!

The other side of the coin for me on this day, is not having my mom to celebrate with. It’s hard enjoying a day reserved for you and all the hard work you put in year round, when you miss the person who use to do that kind of stuff for you!

On strong years (you know, the years where those nasty emotions don’t overwhelm me), I like to take a flower to the beach and throw it in the ocean for my mom. A little gift for her. I have not been able to do this yearly, but close.

So, to all you mommas out there celebrating your day, but also missing your mom. I have a tip.

It’s ok to cry, you don’t have to hide it. Share a great memory of your mom with your children through the tears. Then laugh and enjoy all you have and all you will continue having.

You got this!

My mom, me and my dad. One of the rare occasions I received a Citizenship Award at school. I was a talker, lol.

6 thoughts on “The Mixed Emotions of Mothers Day

  1. Yep I’ll be missing my mom and auntie, they were twins and both my mom. This will be the third year without them
    Happy Mothers Day

  2. So well stated Carlee. Mother’s Day has such deeper meaning after becoming a mother – which I became after my mom passed- so no opportunity to share the depth of appreciation and understanding face-to-face, heart-to-heart- only spirit-to-spirit. Thanks for the sentiment Carlee. ‍

    • Thanks for reading Michelle! It’s not something fun to have in common, but it does help to know that this day can be an emotional roller coaster for others, not just myself.

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