Bow Tie Lessons

Have you ever learned how to tie a bow tie? Have you ever cared? 🙂

I am helping assist a gigantic wedding this coming weekend and its going to be very lavish. I have worked many of a fancy wedding, but this one is going to top all from before.

Part of the deal the coordinator made from booking this wedding, is that a team of people need to know how to tie a bow tie. I have put this baby off, thinking it can’t be too complicated. But after watching several YouTube videos and practicing on myself, my husband and anything else I can find lying around….I can tell you I need way more practice and it’s harder than it looks.

Hey now…..


If you know me, than this isn’t an excuse…it just means I will be living, breathing and dreaming of bow ties for the next three days.

That’s cool. I don’t have anything else to obsess about at the moment.

Wish me luck as I prepare to decorate our home in bow ties and my poor children the second they walk through the door, from school. 😉

This might work as a new funky decoration!!

If you have tips for me, send them along!

This was the hardest one yet. My bow tie is too big for midget.

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