Tuesday Tip

I read this book awhile ago for an upcoming Beauty School class I was helping run, “Feed Your Face” by Jessica Wu, M.D. It was an easy read, and I took away so much from it.

In a tiny little section of the book Dr. Wu discusses how to expand the shelf/refrigeration life of your berries.

Did you know that berries carry mold spores? That’s what causes them to go bad so fast!

But there is a trick to winning the battle! I have done this now for about a month, and our berries actually last until we finish eating them! My husband is so impressed by it, he was the one that encouraged me to share it.

Step one: First things first people….if you notice any of your berries already have mold , toss!

Step two: Take all those yummy berries and place them in a colander.

Step three: turn on your hot water and let it warm up. Once its at the hottest it will go ( we are looking for 125 degrees, which is the upper limit for most residential water heaters) start rinsing off your berries with the hot water.

Step four: do this for about 45 seconds

step five: turn off the water and put the berries on a towel  to lay out and dry.

step six: put in an airtight container and in your fridge.

This allows you to actually kill the mold spores! You are ALSO stimulating the formation of active antioxidants, so your body can absorb more nutrients!

Try it out and tell me how it works for you.

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