About Me

If you are a mommy of young kiddos, or want to go down memory lane from those days, you will feel right at home here.

My name is Carlee and I recently started going through some interesting, life altering events. I realized very recently that after being a stay at home/work at home momma for the past 10 years, I lost myself a bit. I am realizing now, as my kids are off to school full time, that I don’t know exactly who I am and I don’t have a plan.

Man, its time to change that!

This page is for encouragement, laughs, tears and a new journey. Lets do this together!

Picture done by Melissa Koehler. Thanks Miss!

Picture done by Melissa Koehler. Thanks Miss!


I like to dabble in many things. I’m one of the busiest people you will know and I like it that way! One of my favorite things is learning how to keep my family as healthy as I can! I am not perfect, but I’m learning. If you want to learn with me, make sure to follow this blog and check out my website!

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